Over recent years, we have observed new trends and legal requirements such as lifecycle concepts and the need for buildings that use nearly zero energy. User and comfort level are moving into the focus. This asks for new and integrated building and façade concepts.
Ultimately the question is how these new developments can get translated into viable business concepts for the future building envelopes. We believe that technological development needs to go along with innovations in legal and financial concepts for the building industry.
‘Next Business’ aims at answering the following questions: What are the trends that determine the future of the building envelope? Which business concepts can be found to react to these trends and what can we learn from other industries? What are the legal and financial implications for a different approach? How will new business concepts shape our façade products and services?

During the 11th edition of the annual conference, twelve international speakers from research, industry, management, and design will share their experience and visions for the future building envelope.

The program is organised in 4 sessions:
Session 1 – Business Models
Olaf Blaauw from Delta Development discusses chances and limitations of circular business models for the building industry. Marc Wesselink has brought many start-up companies to success and opens up a new perspective for the building sector.
Juan Azcarate-Aguerre from TU Delft discusses the lessons learned from the project ‘Façade Leasing’ at TU Delft, and describes a new approach towards product-service facades.

11:30 – 13:00 Session 2 – The Product Perspective
Three international specialists share their views on future building products:  Carlos Mella-Cottenie from Hunter Douglas Chile describes their successful product strategy by combining design support, high-end engineering, and manufacturing of complex 3D claddings.
Frank Ilg is innovation manager at PERI group formwork and scaffolding. According to him research can open up new perspectives and becomes interesting if the given business models are challenged. Thomas Fehlhaber from Unipor shares his experience on international business and product development.

14:00 – 15:30 Session 3 – Building Industry Insights
Marc Zobec from the international facade builder Permasteelisa compares trends of high-end facade technologies worldwide. The Asian façade industry is a huge growing field and Simon Sun Nung Chan from the Hong Kong Façade Association talks about what the European Industry could learn from this development. To complement the session Joep Rats from Bouwend Nederland will react with a vision on the Dutch building market.

16:00 – 17:30 Session 4 – The Architectural Challenge
The new market trends will have a profound impact on architectural services and design. Hans Hammink from Architekten Cie shares his experience on circular building and its impact on building design. Fredrik Nilsson is partner at White Arkitekter and discusses the role of the architect in Sweden and Europe, and finally, Lone Wiggers, partner at C.F. Møller Architects will round up the session outlining new business concepts for architects.

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